Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To Cheer Yourself Up After You've Been Hurt

When you're feeling hurt here are a few ways to cheer yourself up.

1. Share your feelings with a friend. Talking about your problems can help lift the burden and make it feel not so bad. Sometimes, you will gain a new perspective and have more clarity after talking it over with someone who cares about you.

2. Pray about it. It helps to pray about hurts or disappointments and ask for God's comfort. The Bible says that he gave his spirit to us to be a comforter.

3. Daydream. In other words, go to your "happy place". Think about a good memory, or imagine a peaceful and comforting situation. Its important to use daydreaming in a healthy way to escape in times of deep hurt or sorrow.

4. Laugh. Laughter is healthy. Talk to someone who makes you laugh, or watch a funny movie. It can get your mind off of your problems for a while.

5. Cry. Crying is also healthy. Sometimes it is good just to cry it out. Chemicals are released in your body when you cry that actually soothe you. Crying can be a nice release.

6. Find someone who can relate. If you have a personal matter that you would rather not discuss even with a friend, there is a place you can go to tell your story and remain anonomous. The site is called, The Experience Project. You might be surprised to find others dealing with the same things you are dealing with. This can also be a healthy outlet and a good way to cheer yourself up.

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