Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten Signs You Need a Vacation (especially for stay at home moms)

1. You’ve lost all sense of empathy when your children whine.
2. The nervous twitch you used to have is now a violent jerk (borrowed from the1cooljay on
3. Going to the mailbox becomes the highlight of your day.
4. You can’t remember where you put your phone, wallet, or car keys, but you’re pretty sure they’re in your diaper bag.
5. You take a break from potty training after you clean poop off the deck, again.
6. You volunteer to mow the lawn so you can get away from the kids for a while.
7. You don’t think a thing about waking up 2, 3, or 4 times per night, every night.
8. You beg your husband to take the kids out on Friday night without you so you can do some house cleaning.
9. You are secretly happy when it’s their children screaming at the supermarket or restaurant and not yours.
10. You pray every day that you have the strength to make it until naptime.

I have had vacation on my mind lately, since we planned a Disney vacation a few months ago. Its been the only thing keeping me going for a while! We decided we wanted to use part of our tax refund on a vacation, and were surprised that Disney World package deals weren't that bad. I came across an E-book created by some locals that is filled with tips for creating an inexpensive Disney Vacation, Click Here! The best thing we discovered was that if we put it on a Disney card, we would get no interest for 6 months, and could even have the trip paid off before we took it. So...if you think you absolutely can't afford a vacation, check into it, you may find out its exactly what you need.

*Update: If you want to plan a Disney Vacation, but you are overwhelmed by all of the options, check out this site. This woman is a Disney expert who can plan your Disney Vacation for you (for a nominal fee), and get you all the best deals: Travel With The Magic.

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  1. Vacations are a necessity whether you are a stay at home mom or a 40 hour/weeker. All are hard for moms. Take and plan a vacation every year. I have done this for years, even when the kids were small and I was a single mom. The day you get home from your trip, start planning and saving for the next. Have a good time and a blessed day!!!