Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Can't Take It Anymore

Take a look at this heartfelt poem by Paul Davis. To learn more about Paul Davis, click here.

I can't take it anymore!
God help!
I'm at my wits end
It seems there is no friend
Nearby to hear my heart's cry
To understand why
Surely my plight is out of sight
Beyond their view and eye
My intense inward struggles
Nobody to listen, cuddle, and snuggle
Perhaps I'm just in self pity
Or overly absorbed
With my current situation
Nevertheless I feel the irritation
The continual stress and frustration
Not to mention the perpetual accusation
I have no energy to defend myself
Emotionally I am utterly exhausted
No time to be daily drained
And held a hostage
Come and rescue me
God Almighty, most merciful and mighty
I desperately need Thee
In my heart and home
For You and You alone
Can bring peace
Jesus the Prince of peace
Deliver me and bring release
Vindicate and ride triumphantly
Free me to live victoriously
Settle and secure me in my identity
So I don't think to run and roam
In the past, Your power You've shown
Therefore I wait patiently upon You
To arise and do it again
You are my closest, most trusted Friend
You remain with me until the end
You know what is around the bend
You have power from on high to send
Because You in Christ became flesh
You understand that
With which we have to contend
You also are aware
Of the sin toward which we as humans tend
Constrain me,
That on it my life I won't spend
To become enamored and seduced
Help before by it I be reduced
Focus my heart on my life purpose
Remove from my lips
Divisive and devilish discourse
Help me meditate on Your Word
And my speech rehearse
Purify and prepare me
For that which You have fully
Ordained me to be
Created me to do
For God in heaven
I love you!
People often disappoint
Yet You remain there for me
Ready to listen and love continually
Lift my heart to the heavens
Open my eyes to see
Remove from my heart hostility
Pluck me out of
Strange situations
Heal me from
Unrealistic expectations
Give me strength
In the midst of intimidation
When I need to be bold
Remove all hesitation
Maybe I'm just airing out
My loneliness
Or perhaps self-actualizing
Nevertheless myself I'm not despising
Nor others who get me down
Ask of me more than can be found
For I too live in flesh and blood
And have my limitations
As difficult as it may be
To live with others reservations
And irreverent assessment
Of myself and occupation
Liberate me from others opinion
Grant me peace and dominion
Yet help me be merciful
To my accusers and critics
Though they make my life difficult
Causing my soul to slow
To the confusion and chaos they cause
Whenever they assault me and show
That in me with which they disagree
God in my own skin, just help me
Live contently and peaceably
Remembering that personal growth
Occurs progressively
And that meanwhile
I must love myself unconditionally.

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