Friday, July 17, 2009

Learning To Love Yourself As You Are.

Everybody is so different. Nobody is better than anyone else, but we are all creations of the same living God. There are many qualities that we feel are weaknesses or even failings, but can actually be used in positive ways . I was watching the 700 Club, and they did a story on a man who had lost his wife. His grieving process took him on a lot of twists and turns, and led him down an incredible path. He learned on his path that God loved him as He was, and that God made him the way he was. For example, he was a thrill seeker and loved living a more dangerous life. He realized that God still loved him, and that God could use that personality trait to reach others. You can read more about him here: One thing I struggle with everyday is staying organized and on task. When I joined an online group at I received a very eye opening message that changed my whole view of myself. It relayed how "messy" people have trouble staying on task because of their creativity. Flylady's focus is using creativity to solve the problems of disorganization and getting sidetracked. Fly stands for "Finally Loving Yourself". What do you struggle with? Try to look at your weakness in a different light and remember, God loves you the way you are, and that you are his creation. Even if you struggle with sin, God still loves you. He paid the price so you can be free from sin and live in his grace. You can't become good enough to please him. You come to him as you are, as a sinner, and he will give you grace and help free you from the sins that bind you. Learn to love yourself. God does.

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