Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips On Motivating Yourself

When I feel unmotivated, sometimes I have to just dive in. Visualize the end result, and remind yourself of how much better you will feel when the task is complete. I found an excellent article about motivating yourself on The Positivity Blog called How To Motivate Yourself: 4 Timeless Thoughts (view here)
A summary of these tips is:
1. Make a conscious choice.
2. Walk your talk.
3. Set goals that really inspire you.
4. Don't get too hung up on getting motivated to get started. (In other words, just dive in!)

One more piece of advice. Throw perfectionism out the window. Sometimes that is what keeps me from doing things. I think I have to do it just right, and it overwhelms me enough to paralize me. Instead, just start in, and realize that motivation will follow action. Everything doesn't have to be planned out first.

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